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Témoignages sur les Dégustations Whisky
"Regis loves 2 things in life: Whisky, and ... Can't remember the other one. He is one of the Whisky Categories best known characters ans his love for the Spirit is emphasised by his presentations and organisation of events that educate ans entertain at the same time." Colin Dunn - Whisky Ambassador - Diageo

"Regis is extraordinary - full of energy, talent, charm and ambition. A great client and easy to work with." Stephen Auty - CEO - NearYou Ltd

"Regis était un grand conseiller quand j'ai commencé ma carrière de Scotch whisky. Il est un excellent animateur, connaît bien les produits, et possède de solides compétences en leadership. J'ai hâte de travailler avec lui à l'avenir." Brian McQueenie, Human Ressources Generalist

"Vous voulez être bien accueillis ? Foncez vers Régis ! Il est attentif à chaque client, précède les demandes, précis, efficace, aimable. Bref, il sait tenir un établissement et on se sent bien chez lui. Donc c'est avec plaisir que je le recommande !" Pierre Smets, Administrateur chez Fondation de la saison culturelle de Montreux

" Regis is an incredible leader, mentor and teacher. One of the most knowledgeable and passionate professionals, I have worked with in over 25 years of luxury hospitality. A genuine host and someone who helped me immeasurably in my own career and personal development." Craig Moffat, Director of Operations at Belmond British Pullman

"Grand professionnel de l'hôtellerie de luxe, une grande expérience de l'accueil et une connaissance pointue du whisky qu'il n'hésite pas à faire partager;" Virgile Leyva Charles-Mangeon, Directeur Général

"When I first met Regis, he was here in Scotland explaining whisky to the Scots. Top class knowledge, top class customer service, top class communicator, top class entertainment. Fantastique en Ecosse et superbe autour du monde je suis sur." Bruce Fummey, Stand up comic and Scottish History Tour Guide

" Whisky tasting in Manchester. Very informative ans kept us entertained. First time anyone has explained how to drink whisky in a way that's made me enjoy it. Great character and very informative, we were so surprised by the dufference a drop of water makes! Very informative about whisky and I would recommend his services to prospective clients considering Scotland and a personal whisky introduction. I have already made contact and hope to use this service soon." Theresa Ring, Business Tourim Executive, VisitScotland, Perth

"I have been to several tasting evenings and distillery tours, but have never met anyone that knows so much about whisky not presented their knowledge with quite the warmth and humour as Regis. Entertaining, informative, helpful and professional, I have no hesitation in recommending him." Bruce Fummey, Independent Entertainment Professional

"I hope you found your long journey from Edinburgh to Portsmouth worthwhile for our members certainly did. A highly informative and amusing delivery washed down by the excellence of your whisky was more than enough to ask for an encore. The adage that one "should add more water to it" to stay on the straight and narrow was dispelled as a myth and with the benefit of your instructive and pleasant evening thoroughly enjoyed by all who attented. Warmest regards." Paul Bolas, Commander, Royal Navy Club Secretary

"What you do is very different and what you do is not a normal tasting it's a performance. Even if you take away the whisky you are a very good speaker and very entertaining to listen to." Jenny Cox, Proprietor, Loch Kinord Hotel, Dinnet

"Thanks for a superb evening everyone found it informative and entertaining, an excellent night! Your knowledge and enthusiasm was infectious and everyone came away inspired a really great introduction to whisky for the uninitiated and a fine range of whisky for the more wizened. Thanks again for what was the perfect whisky tasting event!" Sarah Podmore-Mills, Geologist, Premier Oil Ple, Aberdeen

"This is a second time we've been using your knowledge and your amazing approach of whisky for French VIP groups. our clients were impresses by the way you transmit this knowledge through a lot of humour and such a communicative energy and love of this product. Fot he two "shows" by Regis we've done it after a VIP lunch. in a relaxed atmosphere, our guests have rediscovered whisky. I am sure anyone who goes for an appearance of Regis will never drink whisky the same way. once again, thank you very much and see you next time!" Florian Nayrolles, Event Manager, Sella Communication, France

"Thank you enough for the informative and entertaining whisky tasting and talk you gave to my friends and myself recently. Most of us trought we knew quite a lot about whisky but were amazed at the fantastic history and knowledge you have on the subject. The tastings from the Lowland Malts to the various products from the Highlands were very enjoyable. The description of the various storage methods and your "limited" use of water to bring out the various flavors certainly demonstrated to us a new way of appreciating whisky. Keeping the Islay ones to the end was certainly appreciated. my friends were impressed with the whole evening and I hope we did not keep you too long answering our questions. My sons who as you know were responsible for this event taking place join me in thanking you for an excellent evening. We wish you every success with your system of promoting our national drink. Yours sincerely." Neil McKenzie, Strathaven, Scotland

"I have used Regis's skills for several years when entertaining VIP clients. He consistently delivers on quality service and style. One of the best in his industry." Graeme W.Pook, Executive Golf & Leisure, Luxury Supplier

"Regis delivers a highly professional presentation and experience to our international clients who want to know more about whisky but in a fun and informative way." Andrew Burnet, Owner, Andrew Burnet & Company Ltd, Event Management

"I have gotten to know Regis through the networking group business network Scotland of which we are both members. It was through this group that I asked Regis to volunteer his time and skills as one of Scotland's foremost whisky tasters to come along to an event in Tarbert to run a whisky tasting for the charity Seafarers UK. Regis worked the very busy room brilliantly, bringing people over to the corner where his tastings were. There was much laughing and enlightenment for the tasters listening to Regis's informed views ont he water of life. I would use him again without hesitation!" Ewan Hastings, Experienced Charity Fundraising Manager

"I have seen Regis's performance for the first time at a networking meeting in Edinburgh. I was a bit curious what a French person would tell a group of Scots about whisky! Regis is very entertaining and most importantly very knowledgeable about whisky. Anybody would learn quite a few things about Scotch whisky during a tasting session and even if someone is not a whisky connoisseur, they might just change their mind after Regis adds that all important drop of water into their whisky! I hired Regis for one of my own client evenings and everybody enjoyed themselves and he produced a few converts who were not even contemplating having a whisky before! Very entertaining, highly recommended." Nadin DUnnigan, Photograph, Bathgate

"I have attended a number of tastings with Regis and recommended him to provide our whisky tasting for Junior Chamber International's Scottish Conference. Every attendee thoroughly enjoyed the event. Regis's inimitable style and breadth of knowledge mean I have no hesitation in recommending him." Michael Hodgson Aberdeen, Scotland